About Us

Who we are?........What we do?..........Why?

We at EcoSoul are mainly focusing on giving alternatives to people in order to maintain eco friendly life style. Many times we say these products are harmful to environment and have detrimental effects on living organisms or flora and fauna of ecosystem. But when we think about its eco friendly substitutes we are left with nothing substantial. And that’s why we have started Eco soul. Giving those who care about mother earth and ecosystem alternatives to products they use in daily life which has hazardous effects on nature.

We believe in toxin free living and strive hard to offer solutions to people in order to live toxin free life. We are not only environment conscious but also socially conscious too. We aim at empowering woman below poverty line by involving them in the process of making our products and equip them with the required set of skills.

We are associated with NGO’s like Jeevitnadi, jalabiradari where in we actively participate in projects of spreading awareness about protecting our environment, rivers and ecosystem in various companies, schools and social gatherings. We are also part of projects pertaining to river bed cleaning, river pollution.

Empowering Woman and Managing Livelihood:

Apart from being eco friendly, USP of our product is they are hand made. We currently have two women who are working with us for making these products. We have taught them the techniques for making these products and they are now skilled and trained in such a way that they themselves can look after nitty- gritty of these processes. We pay them well and they are able to manage their livelihood effectively. We are planning to increase number of such woman helping hands in order to empower more woman for this noble cause of protecting environment and ecosystem. We hope that you will help us for this noble cause and join or movement for healthier and toxin free lifestyle.

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